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5.0 out of 5 starsA delightfully fresh take on the modern love story with gripping dramatic moments

A delightfully fresh take on the modern love story with gripping dramatic moments. It’s poetic, passionate film that loves its characters. I could not take my eyes off Francia Raisa for a moment she was on screen — she wholly embodies the role of Shahrzad, a haunted and conflicted woman who escapes her homeland, and becomes the center of a complex love triangle. Ryan Guzman not only looks GOOD as Sebastian the Spanish American gardener, but really delivers both charm and sensitivity. Yes, the sparks really do fly between these two. Strong performances from the supporting cast, especially Daphne Zuniga as a former movie star turned piano teacher also entangled in a love affair with Sebastian. Loved all the music too. Great film all around.

– GCruzFactor


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It’s already a Classic!

Really good movie! It was a long time that I didn’t watch such a beautiful and poetic drama. This movie deserve to be watched. Great acting, great directing, great locations, great story.

– Leo


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Great movie! Worth seeing!

Beyond Paradise goes beyond my expectations. The movie touches universal themes—such as human tragedy, cross-cultural conflict, fleeing from one’s home country, tradition, love, betrayal, that have all been with humanity since time immemorial. It is also a story about a new life in America, filled with hope and uncertainty. The characters reach in their meaning far beyond themselves and are lovingly depicted. Music well picked. Good sound work. Well crafted script. The movie is full of passion and human duplicity that kept this viewer bonded to his seat to till the very end. Job well done.

-Mimi Holt and Wolf Klotzitunes-logo-for_site

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A movie that gives you new perspectives about life, relationships, love, and interpersonal connections that define us. Of course the primary reason it succeeds is great directorship by J.J. Alani, and excellent acting by Ryan Guzman and Francia Raisa. This film served as a great entertainment with its colorful cast and numerous plot twists. Beyond paradise is exciting, creative, amusing, and well worth your time.

I will highly recommend this movie since it is both entertaining and educational. Brilliant movie

– SassanRostamion


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Important Social Issue

Wonderful when filmmakers approach with such a courage, important social issues as told in this story.

– Silvia



I do no like the way this movie ended but all in all…

I do not like the way this movie ended but all in all it was a good and interesting movie with beautiful people and culture.

– Kenya


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Great Movie

Beautiful love story tragic but, true meaning of love. Love the movie.

– mayra morales


See it

Love this movie, very smart-you gotta see it.

– Amor Travel


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Beautiful love story

It was a very moving and sweet love story. Fabulous director and love the talents especially Ryan Guzman. Very well done…Very touching story a must watch.

– sheilashah

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A beautiful original love story

A beautiful original love story starring Ryan Guzman, not as an action hero but a poetic lover. Its many romantic moments remind me of Ryan Gosling’s film BLUE VALENTINE and other great love films I watched when was living in Europe. Engaging BEYOND PARADISE is full of unexpected moments , and the dialogue is fresh & very well written . Plus RUMI & LORCA’s love poems. And the music score contains beautiful classical music (Tchaikovsky) and Eastern music.
I recommend the film as it also deals with very deep current women issues which will touch everyone.

– ShibkaA

movies of super heroes, vampires, screams, funny animals and  the new trendy mash of box office mega hits of Superman and Batman.

– ZS

Cross cultural love story

Two people from different parts of the world – Iran and Spain come together in California through the shared love of music poetry. This film touches on many issues most poignantly on breast cancer and violence against women.


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Best Romantic Movie

This movie is so beautiful. There are many wonderful romantic moments with classical music, poems, and scenes in the movie. I’m so happy it’s on Amazon. I recommend this movie to you.

– sara




@JJ_Alani so you wrote #BeyondParadise wow, thank you. I watch my copy at least once a week, brings me comfort.

-A k a s h ‏@durbanstar
Because I knew “The Boy Next Door” is shit! And TBH I really really liked Ryan Guzman lots! So I decided to watch instead! 👏

Ryan is so cute as Sebastian in #BeyondParadise..❤ You might find him sexy, but I see the cuteness in him more!🙈💕 @ryanAguzman😘💕

Adore SRK   ‏@LolaMElemshaty




Deliciously Fresh Take On the Modern Love Affair

A deliciously fresh take on the modern love story with gripping dramatic moments. It’s a poetic, passionate film that loves its characters. I could not take eyes off of star Francia Raisa from the moment she graced the screen. She wholly embodies the role of Shahrzad and nails every emotion too a tee — lust, shame, self-loathing, fear, artistic passion, and so much in between — as the haunted and conflicted woman who escapes her oppressive homeland, and becomes the center of a complex love triangle in her newfound Western surroundings.

Ryan Guzman not only looks GOOD as Sebastian, the Spanish American gardener who captures the heart of Shahrzad, but really delivers both charm and sensitivity needed to set the sparks really do fly between the two of them.

Strong performances from the supporting cast — especially impressive is Daphne Zuniga as a former movie star turned piano teacher also entangled in a love affair with Sebastian.

The characters also boast their own love affairs, so to speak, with the poems of Rumi and Lorca which playfully tie into the story. The soothing music of Tchaikovsky and Persian classical music effectively amp up the emotional level of the story, paired with equally rhythmic and playful visual intercutting. Great film all around.


– GeraldcFernando



Touching story, great play

I watched it with my 20 years old daughter, and we both loved it very much. it’s very romantic, touching story line, and great act by Ryan, Francia and Max. loved the poems and songs in the movie. Francia played as a Persian girl, and she did great. Ryan did a fantastic romantic act. RUMI poems were picked very well for this movie, and beautiful voice singing them. it brought up the women issues in Iran, which touched me a lot. I liked the original dialogue. the film is original, pointing to issues in the world such as tortures, forced immigration, forced marriage and relationships. Great movie to watch.

– shidash


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Endearing love and tolerance story

It is an opening into the how love is perceived as a consequential emotion by many people through many cultures, rather than being acted upon with the presumed support of the family and community. Misha Crosby as Ray brought such a dimension of realism to the plot, truly a fantastic performance. I believe the characters have interacted with each other in believable ways. It was also very refreshing to watch Max Amini’s character, who plays a comedian, play through this film experiencing serious life and marital dilemmas, rather than hype up his comedic career and force a constant “funny man” character. Through the film, Rumi poems and implications are placed organically and help the viewer to sympathize with Shahrzad and her struggle coping between unrequited love and searing pains from the past.

– hbyahya


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Needs to be seen, highly recommend

I have not seen such a good well developed story in a while. The film is full of artistic moments: classical music, poetry, good acting. I liked the cast, I saw that they delivered and brought to the screen a very powerful story. I was actually very impressed that this romantic love drama touched such a strong subject and talked about women rights. You don’t really see much of important, urgent topics in romantic movies and this was amazing, that the director was able to combine all the elements in his movie, and touched the topic of violence against women. The movie is well made and need to be seen and shared among people. Highly recommend this poetic drama for everyone.Blank spacer music)weaving This isn’t a film you want to put on in the back ground while doing laundry. Watch it for its many subtleties.

– penelopeworleyfilm



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A meaningful and passionate love story starring ‘hot’ Ryan Guzman as ‘Sebastian’, a sensitive poetic gardener. Great to see Francia Raisa in a different role as a piano student/singer who loves poetry- quite a departure from her ‘sassy’ role as the rebellious loud Miss B!  She falls for Sebastian (Ryan), her piano teacher’s lover. The piano teacher is played by the always wonderful Daphne Zuniga (remember her from Melbrook’s Spaceballs?  Also, from  the TV series Melrose Place and One Tree Hill?)

BEYOND PARADISE is a must see fresh alternative to Hollywood’s latest.


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Beautifully played by both actors. I loved this movie definitely recommend watching it.
– Ang R

Love 💞 this movie. Ryan Guzman ❤️OMG! Sensitively plays a romantic gardener. Who loves poetry! My favorite love story: romance, drama, mix of West and East music, poetry…touching important social issues, violence against women, women’s equal rights. I was moved and learned a lot. I bought it. Saw it twice! Will see it again 💘😍
– Yexica Romero

Great Movie! From Kurdistan
– Foxy Fox

Just watched this and truly enjoyed the love story. I believe Francia played this role really well, sorry if I’m biased because she’s my favorite actress, but I honestly feel she was the right fit for the part and created a perfect match with Ryan Guzman for this love story. Great job to the cast & crew.
– Irene B

good movie!💜
– _luv_





Very romantic. Lovely. Love the poetry.
-Zooni Wahab

I Love This Movie❤. it’s something that I can relate to. Beautifully…Spiritual.🌹
-Amanda Brown

I love this movie…. it’s simply beautiful
-Naila Ansari

That’s the true love. Heart touching
[Re: Clip of Sebastian saves Shahrzad from drowning]
-Zooni Wahab

Yes just finally saw this movie last night after looking for it everywhere and I loved it.
-Tabitha Curry

Love this Movie😩😍😍😭👌
-Brook-Lynn Lang

This is the movie I want to see
-Michelle DiSantis


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I love this movie. Really different one. Thanks a lot for such good work


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